Port Aransas, Texas.

Port Aransas, Texas.

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Port Aransas


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Sea Turtle Emergency Hotline Port Aransas Texas


Friends Of The Ark - Helping wildlife in the coastal bend.


The Gaff Bar in Port Aransas, Texas.







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Venetian Hot Plate Restaurant in Port Aransas & VHP Catering in Portland, Texas.






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Kody's Restaurant in Port Aransas, Texas.









Live Music Everyday at Giggity's Restaurant & Bar in Port Aransas, Texas.  ALL YOU CAN EAT FLOUNDER everyday 11-7








Crazy Cajun Restaurant in Port Aransas, Texas.







U & I Restaurant & Bar in Corpus Christi, Texas.








Live Music every weekend at Shortys Place in Port Aransas, Texas.









Sandollar Sity Beach House Rentals in Port Aransas, Texas.








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~ Port Aransas Beach & Safety ~

Port Aransas Beach Tips

Port Aransas Beach Safety & Tips

Port Aransas Beach Safety & Tips - Rip Current

Fishing Line recycle program in Port Aransas, Texas.

Rip Currents are possible...






Be aware of how to handle them and stay calm.

Port Aransas Beach Safety & Tips - Rip Current

Port Aransas Beach Safety & Tips - Coyotes

Photo Credit: Neesy Tompkins

In Port Aransas, coyotes are our neighbors...

although not considered a direct risk to beach goer's,

be aware of their presence and watch your pets.


Also understand that wearing red finger & toe nail polish may confuse the senses of crabs & fish so you may experience a nibble or pinch...


Jellyfish are a natural part of the Gulf Coast eco system... sometimes people and jelly's collide, meat tenderizer mixed with rubbing alchohol is said to provide relief for jellyfish stings.


Stay out of the dunes... we have rattle snakes.


Be safe & enjoy the beach!

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Kody's Restaurant in Port Aransas, Texas.